[SOLVED] Qt Charts licensing

  • Hello guys, I do wonder, what's the licensing for Qt Charts library? It would be really helpful for my private and noncommercial use.

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    It's a commercial feature

  • That's what I thought. Thanks. :)

  • @Peppy I wondered the same thing and then hit that commercial wall too. Here's the solution I came up with. Basically, there's a trick where the QQuickWidget acts very similar to a browser canvas control, and then you can apply an adapted Javascript library to it that acts just like the popular chart.js project on the web. You can draw some fancy charts that way.


    After hours of research and frustration on that, I was blown away when I saw this drawing my charts. That's why I made the StackOverflow answer on this -- to make it easier for everyone else. :)

    Another technique is to use Google Charts API. You can either show them via QWebView (which adds Chromium embedded browser to your project, and more MB for your customers to download), or you can make a REST service on your web server that generates them and then lets you download and show the JPG or PNG image via a label control's pixmap property.

    Another technique is just to use QWebView (which, like I said, adds Chromium embedded), and then use a Javascript based charting API.

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    You can also use 3rd party open-source libraries, such as

  • @JKSH I'm currently thinking about using QCustomPlot which still does not support retina (some performance issues).
    @maximo That would be just so overkill, but at least it works :D

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