Which Symbian phones work well with Qt ?

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    When developing Qt apps for Symbian what Symbian devices should one target? In theory, we can run on 3rd edition FP1, 3rd edition FP2, 5th edition and Symbian^3 but that is quite a test matrix.

    Ovi provides some limited data on which Symbian phones are popular.

    N97mini, 5th edition

    X6 , 5th edition

    5800 XpressMusic , 5th edition

    N97, 5th edition

    5530 XpressMusic, 5th edition

    5230 Nuron, 5th edition

    E72, FP2

    E63, FP1

    E71, FP1

    Qt Platform Notes for Symbian define the following as Tier 1 devices for the 4.6 release:

    Nokia 5800, 5th edition

    Nokia E71, FP1

    Nokia E72, FP2

    Nokia N78, FP1

    Nokia N95, FP1

    Nokia N97, 5th edition

    Samsung i8910

    Why does the Ovi store only support the X6 and mini? Clearly they know about some bugs. What are the specific issues? Does Qt have issues with any of these popular phones?


  • Before Ovi Store will open up more devices for Qt based applications, we must ensure that Qt works without major issues for those devices. It is not enough to test Qt on the device itself, we must be able to test Qt also on different firmware versions of those devices. We are in the middle of doing that and we expect to mark more devices as Qt compatible via for Ovi Store.

    We want to ensure that when a consumer downloads a Qt based app from Ovi Store, it will be a happy consumer after that as well (despite the big download of Qt - ouch).

    • Eero

  • In general, Qt will work on any S60 3.1, 3.2, 5.0 and Symbian^3 phone you install it on. However, to be guaranteed to work and supported is another issue. Nokia / OVI is just being carefull.

    If you're shipping something for existing phones, I'd simply just buy the 3 top selling ones, test your app on those, and then be happy :)

  • Even the non nuron 5230 is perfect! Tested!

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