Solved - OS X Qt 5.4 and XCode 6-7

  • I have two computers, one running Mavericks and the other Yosemite. I currently am using Qt 5.4.0. Both currently have XCode6 and I can move back and forth between the two systems without any difficulty. It works good basically.

    Recently I noticed Yosemite wants to update XCode6 to XCode7. I have the following concerns and was hoping someone out there can shed some light on this:

    Does Qt 5.4.0 work properly (or at all) with XCode7?

    If a project is loaded (and updated) with XCode7 can I still load it with XCode6?

    Is there anything I can expect for problems as a result of migrating to XCode7 in general (related to Qt)?

    My MBP is running Mavericks because I cannot update to Yosemite (I have a non-apple SSD drive). I could upgrade but I know there will be problems if I can't enable TRIM on the SSD.

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    One thing with Xcode 7 is that it's not shipped with the precedent SDK. It might be available as an optional download but I haven't checked yet. If not available, you'll have to either modify the mkspec or your project file and set the new sdk by hand.

    If by project you mean your .pro file project, it should not have any impact on it.

    Hope it helps

  • I never even thought of things like missing a SDK. I will look into that.

    I was not referring to the .pro file as the project. I meant the entire project or anything related to an application in XCode. Right now I can switch between the two computers without doing anything. Since XCode7 is a major release it is possible that there are major changes under the hood and when an older project is loaded it might be altered in some way to work with the new version of XCode. After updating to XCode7 will it still load in XCode6 or do I need to regenerate using qmake? It is more of an annoyance then a problem if I do need to rebuild using qmake.

    I've been blocking the update for now as I don't have time to test everything. Maybe in a few months when things settle down a bit. I will probably update Qt and XCode at the same time if I decide to do the update.

    The thing that is the real source of the problem is that I can't update my MBPro because Yosemite won't allow non-apple SSD with TRIM enabled. As time goes on the differences between the two systems increase which adds more and more problems. I guess I need to start looking for an apple branded SSD to fix this. I really wish they hadn't done that change in Yosemite to disable TRIM.

  • After posting this I did some more checking and noticed that OS X 10.10.4 and higher now support TRIM on third party SSD's (use command 'trimforce enable' to turn it on). There was no reason not to update.

    Both systems are now running OS X 10.10.5, Qt 5.4.0, and XCode7. Backward compatibility is no longer a concern. I didn't see any problems running Qt 5.4.0 with XCode7.

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    Good !

    Happy coding !

  • Here are various SDKs available for download:

    Just copy the sdk you want in the corresponding Xcode folder.

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