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[solved] linux qtcreator Qt5-examples qt5 examples

  • I was going to ask the Archlinux guys but i know I'll get a rtfm response.... (i read docs i could find ...)

    my Qt Creator is missing the examples ( that are available in the windows and fedora install)
    (this is arch linux arm , not my choice )
    I've found the download, but it looks like there are several places to put the examples (when rtfm fails because actions out pace docs)
    extract that then goto
    now where should i put this stuff?

    also qtcreator only starts with the "-noload Welcome" option or it fails to launch. and it doesn't find the compiler . I've fixed all that.
    **hence why I'm asking for your all's help. ** :-) :-)

    where do i put the examples?

    how do i tell qtcreator where to look should it fail to find them?
    qtdiag | grep Examples
    well tell you where it is looking


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    Might be a silly question but doesn't Arch propose a qt5-examples package ?

  • Hi, also you can use qtdiag to see where what the directory is that Qt expects the examples in, like this:
    /usr/bin/qtdiag | grep Examples

  • @SGaist regular Arch dose have a "qt5-examples" package... ArchLinuxARM dose not. :-/

    @hskoglund ooo now that command is just to smart.... more programs need this...

    so if someone should google this later

    extrac the Examples from the download. (qtbase/examples)
    and copy them to

    i didn't realize till now... but i was getting to the examples through the welcome tab... but on the rpi2 qt creator won't open with out the "-noload Welcome" option :-/

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