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Using qmake feature to define 3rd-party library specifics; anyone tried doing that?

  • I'm new to qmake and am beginning to set up a large project (~400 sub-projects). I was thinking of defining qmake features for each of the non-qmake pre-built 3rd-party libraries we use in applications, to encapsulate the specifics of where the libraries are stored for different OSes and platforms and keep the application project files easier to maintain.

    Has anyone tried doing something like that, and can you tell me how well it worked? Can anyone tell me why using a feature like this might be a bad idea?

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    Do you mean a XXX.pri file corresponding per 3rd party library ?

  • No, I mean a .prf file, although a .pri would probably work just fine. The main difference is that using a .prf file gives you a keyword you can add to CONFIG that will cause the contents of the .prf file to be included.

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    You can take inspiration from the QWT project, they use that technique

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