How to have a QVBoxLayout hold 3 vertically resizable QTableViews?

  • Starting with 3 QTableViews tv1 tv2 and tv3, is it possible to lay them out vertically, and have the ability to stretch any of them within the vboxlayout.
    Ie, how to make a little widget between tv1 and tv2 and between tv2 and tv3 that lets me strech tv1 vertically so that it occupies most of the space, and almost (or even totally) hide tv2 and tv3, and the same for tv2 and tv3?

    What would those intermediate widgets be?
    Can I do this variable stretching without any extra widgets?

    It's a bit equivalent to what I can found on this form here where I am entering this question. There is a green up/down arrow button that increases the size of this area to cover almost all, or reduces it back to just a afraction of the screen....


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like you rather want to use QSplitter for that

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