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Help with deciding on QT for project

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a programmer in a small startup in India. I have been mostly programming in Java. I am starting work on a new project, for which I feel QT is a better option. However, I would like to get that feeling validated before I make a decision on the programming language.

    Brief overview of project: We a building a prototype device with hardware sensors, to measure some data which will be displayed on a 5" touch screen. The user will interact with the software through touch input.

    Raspberry pi, with SD card for storage and touch screen.

    Expected functionality:


    • Touch select of tabs, buttons, etc.
    • User can view graphical plots of data
    • View list of files, select files, backup to USB
    • Settings page for change password, etc.
    • Device configuration page which requires a password to access it

    Storage of data

    • Store password for device
    • Store data files which can be retrieved to plot data


    • Software should be able to respond to data requests over HTTP from some server over a network or connected device
    • In the future, a group of these devices could be connected to a network and a computer on the network should be able to access each of these devices and change configuration, etc.

    Device should be able to connect to a printer on the network and print out graphs and other data.

    Virtual Keyboard, grid type preview of various plots, basic math operations, etc.

    Is it possible to write a program using the QT framework that meets all the above requirements? How hard would it be? Are there any areas where there is not much support or QT is not built for, like communication over the network?

    How hard is the learning curve on QT? I have never used it before or programmed in C++ either.

    Thanks in advance for any advise any of you can provide.

  • Hi. I think most of your requirements rely more on the operating system than on Qt. The only problem I see is the virtual keyboard. The one Qt has is available only under a commercial license. If you don't have one, you would have to make your own. It's boring, but it can be done.

    Of course it will not be easy at first, as you have no previous with Qt or C++, but once you learn it, you'll have a major advantage for future projects.

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