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Display of QML image ignoring pixel alpha

  • Hi. Fairly new to QT, but I've noticed that when I display an image where the source is a png file, the alpha for each pixel is ignored. Just where is displayed.

    From c++, I'm using QQuickView to load the source and display.

    Is there a setting somewhere to make this work?

    		source: "image.png"

  • I've figured this out. The problem wasn't in fact due to image files pixel alpha. That works just fine. It had to do with the QQuickView not being transparent. What I am doing is displaying a QQuickView as a borderless window to be used as a popup dialog and I want to see through to the background, where there are no objects in the qml file. (Think of a pop up dialog with rounded corners).

    Here's what I'm doing:

    	QQuickView view;
    	// don't display an icon in the task bar
    	// no border on the window
        view.setFlags(Qt::SubWindow | Qt::FramelessWindowHint);
    	// make the view transparent so that the edges of the window,
    	// where there is no image, show through to the background
        QSurfaceFormat surfaceFormat;
    	// load qml file and display

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