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Clunky Flickable scrolling behavior when using scroll wheel

  • By default, the scroll wheel behavior when using a Flickable on desktop platforms (I've tested Windows and OS X) is what I'd describe as "clunky".

    Why? For starters, there is a very low amount of deceleration once scroll events stop coming in. Apparently Flickable has a property called flickDeceleration, but it seems to change nothing at all. Also, it seems as though there's a slow acceleration curve too.

    When I use the trackpad on OS X, scrolling seems fine. It's just with "low-resolution" scrolling devices that I have a problem.

    There are other apps on desktop platforms with smooth scrolling (like web browsers) that are a good example of how smooth scrolling should be done. Flickables should emulate what they do by default.

    How can I fix this, save for making totally custom components?

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