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Problem with the display on android armeabi

  • Hello Guys ! (French)
    I have developped my first project on Qt for computer and it works very well but I want to deploy it on my phone (compatible armebi) :

    • Samsung s5839i
    • Android 2.3.7
    • Cyanogenmod 7 20130815 Unofficial
    • Cooperve

    But when I do it, the display of the widgets, mostly of the QSpinBoxes, is very bad. You can see it by clicking here.
    On computer, it looks like that (it's an older version).
    I don't know why but the display has been good just once time but I don't know the reason. That just proved me that my phone can display it well.

    Anyone could help me please ?

  • I cannot help directly with Android, but I had something similar when deploying on embedded Linux system. The underlying problem was related to installed fonts. I would check what fonts are installed on Android and what is being used in Qt.

  • Thank you for your answer. I tried your solution with Droid Sans' font but it doesn't work.

  • in linux2.6.31 on an ARM with a 480x272 display I had to force font sizes in pixels. I assume that the underlying issue was a failure by me to define some lower level variables. With that, things were both legible and acceptable.

  • I had recently owned a new phone (Onplus One) on cyanogenmod 12 (api 5.1.1) and I have exactly the same problem on this one. It has a 5.5" screen.
    Screenshot link

    If anyone have a solution.
    Thank you.