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How to make build and deploying the Qt application faster for android?

  • Hello,
    Though my CPU is 2.8Ghz and i5 processor, the building and delpoying speed of my Qt application is little bit slow. May i know how can i make it run faster?
    I tried putting the Make Arguments as -j4 but i see no difference in Deployment speed. Any tips to increase the building, running, delpoying speed of Qt application. Thanks

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    There's not much you can do, the files are transferred via USB to your device so that generally take some time. It's not really Qt related since adb is coming from the Android dev package.

  • @SGaist
    okay. Atleast for windows PC can we do something? Thanks

  • At least for Testing, I think you can omit the qt libraries in the USB transfer and (re)use a General qt libraries folder in your Android device. I haven't tried this for myself yet, though. Anyone?

  • @dynamo72
    how can i omit the qtlibraries in usb transfer ?Thanks

  • The docs say:

    "To test your application on a device that is physically connected to the development host (or on an emulator), you can copy the Qt libraries into a temporary directory on your device and run the application against them.

    An APK built in this way is not distributable, since it relies on the device containing the Qt libraries in the correct location. However, as the Qt libraries are only copied into the device once, this method provides a fast turn-around time, and is therefore convenient for testing the application during development.

    Select the Deploy local Qt libraries to temporary directory option to deploy Qt libraries to the /data/local/tmp/qt folder on the device and to run the application against them."

    Unfortunately, I don't have the time to try this out in this moment, so I cannot tell exactly which steps are necessary to do this.

    In QtCreator's "project" mode, "create Android-APK" section, "Deployment of Qt" group, try the "copy qt libraries to temporary folder" (German: "Lokale Qt-Bibliotheken in temporäres Verzeichnis kopieren") instead of "embed Qt-libaries in APK".

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