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Embeding Haxe hxcpp code in your Qt/Qml application

  • Hello,

    Many of you have probably heard about Haxe.
    Haxe has a C++ backend that allows to generate C++ code from Haxe code.
    I'm wondering if any of you already tested to embed such generated code in its Qt and Qml application and run it on mobile devices on iOS and Android ?

    My idea is actually very much focused on using Cocktail, a html5/css3 rendering engine written in Haxe, inside an iOS application. I would use it in place of the WebView that has so many problems, the first major one being to be placed on top of any Qml layer.

    Hope it can open an interesting discussion and serve for others too.


  • Hey,

    I am successfully using hxcpp in Qt application. I have not tried it on iOS yet, but android works. But I am not calling any Qt function from haxe. Instead I am building a C++ static lib from haxe containing the backend code. Then I have some C++ wrapper code that connects the backend functions with QML.

    Best Regards,

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