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[HELP] GPU Accelerated QtMultimedia on Raspberry Pi 2

  • Hello,

    I have been reading and trying to create a fullscreen multimedia player for Raspberry Pi 2 (roughly, a screen with play/pause etc. icons on it.)

    So I cross-compiled Qt5.5.1 on latest Rasbian image. Than I tried a simple media player application on Qt but the attempt was futile. The video appeared as a series of discrete images(~one image per 5 seconds).

    After that I find out that QtMultimedia module was lack of use the Pi's GPU while decoding. So it was doing a software decode for video.

    After some research, I learned that at the build time Qt detects some libraries that built-on Pi's sysroot and it binds its modules to those. And Qt recognize gstreamer as QtMultimedia binding. So I guess I had that problem because of my gstreamer was not doing hardware decode (I had gstreamer0.10)

    So I have downloaded gstreamer1.0 from official Raspbian repo over a clean and latest Raspbian image. And started new Qt build but when I ./configure, Qt can not detect gstreamer1.0;

    GStreamer 1.0 auto-detection... ()
    Project ERROR: gstreamer-audio-1.0 development package not found
    GStreamer 1.0 disabled.

    I found someone who was is made possible Qt to use Pi's GPU( I am trying to implement it but I also as I read some it is also possible to use GPU with QtMultimedia if I have gst-omx?

    I know that subject have some cursed, but is there anyone out there who has able to use QtMultimedia module with GPU? I would be appriciate to what are the specific packages that Qt needs and would recognize?

    I thank you,