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Accelerometer data‏

  • Hi!
    I am building an app where I have to compare accelerometer data. That is, I am calculating vectors, and then using cosine similarity to compare them. Now this app is supposed to be cross-platform, I've registered the main data (ie the one that the others compare to) on an Android device, then I launched the app on a Linux (non-Android) device. Even though I am doing the same thing, my similarity is around 0 (it is between -1 - complete opposite and 1 - exactly the same). Could this be due to the platform change, or does Qt perform some kind of normalization?

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    Hi and welome to devnet,

    Are you user you have an accelerometer on your Linux device ? If so is it known to Qt ? You should be able to identify the plugin used by launching your application with QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 set.

  • @SGaist Yes it works perfectly, it's just that the data is different (because one system uses QtSensors/Android and the other QtSensors/Linux, so I am asking if Qt performs normalization)

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