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Windows Phone prepopulated db

  • I am developing a cross platform (Android, IOS, WP) application that needs to have a prepopulated sqlite database.
    I edited the .pro file to embed the database into the App.
    It worked for iOS and Android but I could not find a solution for windows.
    Can someone help me?

  • @marco.paglia by .pro file you mean the project file? would you mind sharing what you have so far?

  • Yes, I mean the project file

    Here the code

    mac {
    CONFIG += c++11 arcgis_runtime_qml10_2_6
    QT += core concurrent sql network gui opengl xml script positioning sensors svg
    QT += qml quick
    android:QT += sql
    win:QT += sql
    mac:QT += sql
    ios:QTPLUGIN += qsqlite
    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET = my-app-qt
    HEADERS += \
        AppInfo.h \
    SOURCES += \
        main.cpp \
    RESOURCES += \
        qml/qml.qrc \
    OTHER_FILES += \
        wizard.xml \
    win32 {
        include (Win/Win.pri)
    macx {
        include (Mac/Mac.pri)
        MediaFiles.files = Android/assets
        MediaFiles.path = Contents/MacOS
        QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA += MediaFiles
    ios {
        include (iOS/iOS.pri)
        MediaFiles.files = Android/assets/mydb.sqlite
        MediaFiles.path = ./
        QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA += MediaFiles
    android {
        include (Android/Android.pri)

  • For Windows Phone, I use winphone entry, not win32 in .pro:

    winphone  {
          CONFIG += windeployqt
          WINRT_MANIFEST.version =

  • Thanks TioRoy.
    The problem is with the copy of a file (sqlite in this case) in the App package as for apk, ipa (Android and IOS).

    Simply I would like to know what are the variables to be used within the project file.
    Should I manage these files with Visual Studio?

  • I opened the project in Visual Studio.
    Now I have my files in the "Distribution Files".

    I think I should be able to access it with the QStandardPaths class.
    If I'm right I do not know which variable corresponds to that folder