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[SOLVED] qDebug() << "ąę" vs qDebug() << QString::fromUtf8("ąę");

  • Qt version: 5.5

    qDebug() << "ąę" prints ąę.
    QString::fromUtf8("ąę") prints "\uxxxx\uxxxx"

    How am I supposed to persuade

    QString fileName = QString::fromUtf8("ąę_forchristsake.łęż.zip");
    qDebug() << QString("I have properly opened file %1").arg(fileName);

    to properly print:

    "I have properly opened file ąę_forchristsake.łęż.zip"

    Excuse me for grotesque.

  • Moderators

    qDebug().noquote() << QString("I have properly opened file %1").arg(fileName);

    But please... don't use non-ascii characters in source code. That's just being mean to others.