Tracking multiple objects using GPS

  • Hi all,

    I'm hoping this is possible and there is a framework out there already.

    I am writing a program to take in gps data from multiple bike trackers to be able to put their real time positions on a map.

    I have got the units setup and the data coming in over a serial port, now I'm onto trying to have a map and display their position on it. I've been looking around but haven't been able to find a solution that displays all the bikes on one map.

    So my question, does anyone know of a solution that will allow me to have a premade, or make my own, track that will allow me to put 2 to 5 bikes on the same map.

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    By map, do you mean a real map ? Or are you going to draw your own ?

  • I'm happy to go either way, which ever would be easiest.
    I do need to put in a line which would act as our start / finish line to be able to count the number of laps which has been completed

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    So it looks like you could be interested in the Qt Location module

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