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French section ?

  • Hi! I noticed that there was no french feed in the International section would it be possible to create one ? I would like to see more Qt devs in my country, maybe this could help... :)

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    In between, you already have Qt at which is AFAIK one of the big french Qt forum

  • I also have some questions about the international section and the reason why there is no french feed...
    Is the feed automatically created as soon as one message is written in a given langage or shall it be created on request ?
    Is it possible to use the "New subject" button to create a new feed ?
    What is the reason why there is no french feed : is it because the french Qt user communauty is too small (I hope not :-) ) or the french are all very fluent in english (I know we are not ;-) ).

    Above all what is the interest of the international section : is it to boost local communities by lowering the communication difficulty by using native langage instead of english - but if yes, isn't it counter-effective regarding the goal of sharing Qt valuable knowledge ?
    From my personal experience, from one hand I would like to promote Qt locally in France (that is the reason why I have for instance created a local meetup around Nantes city ) and to federate ourselves as french Qt enthousiast but in other hand I force myself to write in english (even if being not confortable in english that makes me spend twice the time !) because I think we are all to play the game to share knowledge as worldwide citizen...

  • Hi @Charby

    To my knowledge France has a big number of people using Qt. They probably are just spread around. And I guess people doing software development do read and speak english pretty well (including the french people I have met).

    The main reason for missing french in the international section is to my knowledge the Developpez site that @SGaist referred to. (the origin is a bit too far in history for me to be sure). Some other languages that have big local communities are also missing as they have local sites.

    The international section is there exactly to make sure people find what they are looking for. I don't follow them day to day, but I have the feeling that some members who are more fluent in english help out others there in finding the right places too.

    I think we could open a french section if you want one. I don't see a problem with that. (assuming no one else sees a problem).

    You have a meetup, would you like help or support with it? Or tweet about it if you need the visibility. Also I would be interested in hearing your experiences from the meetup.
    Ping me on the chat and let me know if I can help.

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