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Looking for samples of nice-looking complex forms

  • I hope this is the correct section of the forum.

    My forms in text mode were just "good enough" to work with.

    I've just ported my text mode forms to Qt using coordinates but I think they don't even reach the "good enough" status. I was just asked to make fonts bigger in one form and I'll have to resize everything and probably shuffle widgets a bit...

    So I'm looking for samples of complex forms, the ones used for accounting, payroll, and similar type of programs, possibly built with Qt layouts.

    I may also post a screenshot of some of my forms if it's not contrary to form rules and someone is willing to help.


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    No it's not contrary to the rules. It would also help us help you since we will be able to see what you currently have.

  • Thank you

    I have uploaded the original text-mode (25x80) form and the converted, Qt based, form - to streamline the UX, I also changed the functionality of the form but this is not the problem... I'd like to understand which are the best practices to build nice forms - forms that don't look 199x era... :-)

    You can have a look here (with some descriptive text too).


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    Looks like you'd be interested by QFormLayout and QGridLayout. They would take care of the resizing part for you

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