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Different editor widgets in QStyledItemDelegate

  • I'm attempting to create a "property editor" type widget analogous to the one in the Qt Designer.

    The issue I am facing is how to handle the creation of different editor widgets in the "value" column, depending on the expected input type. I.e. QDoubleSpinBox for decimal input, QComboBox for selection from a list, etc.

    I began trying to implement this capability through subclassing QStyledItemDelegate (overriding QStyledItemDelegate.createEditor()) and setting the delegate in my QTreeView. I can find plenty of examples for this procedure when setting the same widget for an entire column. However, I cannot seem to extrapolate from these examples to set widgets in the "value" column depending on the data in the "property column".

    I'll try to graphically show below what I want.

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, thanks.

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    In the createEditor function you should query the type of what you are going to show and based on that return the corresponding widget.

    Hope it helps