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Connecting a dynamic QMap to Qml

  • Let's say i have a QMap<MyKey*, MyObject*> myobjects, it it possible to connect this to qml through QQmlListProperty<MyObject>

    PS: MyKey is not needed in qml, wich can be thrown away with myobjects.values() but that returns a pointer to a QList<MyObjects> but that throws an segmentation error when creating qqmllistproperty

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    @Maxim-DC If you don't need MyKey* in QML then you can use QVariantMap with custom objects as values. The custom object will need to be registered first using qmlRegisterType. Also since QVariantMap uses QVariant as 2nd parameter you will need to make that custom object QVariant. To sum up,
    For eg.

    //register MyClass before using
    MyClass *myclass = new MyClass;
    myclass->setText("MyClass Item"); //some method in MyClass
    //add it to QVariant
    QVariant var = QVariant::fromValue(myclass);
    //add it to QVariantMap
    QVariantMap map;
    //set the map as context property
    //access from QML
    import MyClass 1.0
    console.log(mapObj["myclass"].text()) //text() is a public slot in MyClass

    Also make sure MyClass inherits QObject

  • @p3c0 Ok i got it but then i have to specify the key in qml, thats not what i want, i want to make a listmodel of the values of the qmap

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    i want to make a listmodel of the values of the qmap

    What do you mean by that ?

  • @p3c0 For example the qmap consists of 3 objects, <mykey1*, myobject1*> <mykey2*, myobject2*> <mykey3*, myobject3*> i want to show a list with properties, textinitem1: myobject1.somevar, textinitem2: myobject2.somevar, ....

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    @Maxim-DC I doubt that you can assign a QMap as a model to ListView.

  • @p3c0 You can do it with a QList so why not with QMap::values(), because that returns a list

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    @Maxim-DC If you want to reuse your existing QMap then it would be better to create a new class based on QAbstractIItemModel. In there you can re-implement data() to return your data from QMap.