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Qt 5.5 + iOS Versions

  • Similar to, but not the same as, my other question :-)

    In the old days, when you built a Qt application, your UI was in "Qt style". That is to say, whatever device you targeted, the buttons always looked the same - like Qt buttons.

    Now, as I understand it, Qt uses the UI of the target device (unless, of course, you specifically override it). So a Qt application running on Windows has Windows-style buttons, and the same application built for Mac has Mac-style buttons. Right?

    What about different versions of iOS? If I take my application and run it on an up-to-date iPad, the buttons should look like buttons look like modern-day iPad buttons. Can I take that exact same binary (no recompiling) and run it on and old iPad (with an old version of iOS) and have the buttons look like they did in that version of iOS? More importantly, if I take that exact same binary (no recompiling) and run it next year on next year's version of iOS, when the buttons will have a slightly different look, will the buttons appear in the default skin of the new iOS?

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