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[SOLVED] Support for compiling with Visual Studio 2015 Community on Windows 8.1 for Qt 5.5.0

  • I have VS 2015 Community installed on Windows 8.1 64-bit but see no supporting kits in the Qt installation. Installed were:

    I installed VS before installing Qt 5.5.

    I noticed cl.exe installed for the following Visual Studio versions under Program Files (x86): 11.0, 12.0, 14.0

    When I try to compile using the msvc2013_64 kit (since there was nothing for , I get jom.exe exiting with code 2, but not much else in the way of diagnostic information.

    Am I missing something?

    Build output below:
    01:17:13: Running steps for project touchinteraction...
    01:17:13: Configuration unchanged, skipping qmake step.
    01:17:13: Starting: "C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\jom.exe"
    C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\jom.exe -f Makefile.Debug
    cl -c -nologo -Zc:wchar_t -FS -Zi -MDd -GR -W3 -w34100 -w34189 -w44996 -EHsc /Fddebug\touchinteraction.pdb -DUNICODE -DWIN32 -DWIN64 -DQT_QML_DEBUG -DQT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG -DQT_QUICK_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_QML_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -I..\touchinteraction -I. -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtQuick -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtGui -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtANGLE -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtQml -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtNetwork -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\include\QtCore -Idebug -I........\5.5\msvc2013_64\mkspecs\win32-msvc2013 -Fodebug\ @C:\Users\Jeffrey\AppData\Local\Temp\main.obj.4788.31.jom
    jom: C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.5\quick\build-touchinteraction-Desktop_Qt_5_5_0_MSVC2013_64bit-Debug\Makefile.Debug [debug\main.obj] Error 2
    C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2013_64\bin\rcc.exe -name touchinteraction ..\touchinteraction\touchinteraction.qrc -o debug\qrc_touchinteraction.cpp
    C:\Qt\5.5\msvc2013_64\bin\rcc.exe -name shared ..\shared\shared.qrc -o debug\qrc_shared.cpp
    jom: C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.5\quick\build-touchinteraction-Desktop_Qt_5_5_0_MSVC2013_64bit-Debug\Makefile.Debug [debug\qrc_shared.cpp] Error 2
    jom: C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.5\quick\build-touchinteraction-Desktop_Qt_5_5_0_MSVC2013_64bit-Debug\Makefile.Debug [debug\qrc_touchinteraction.cpp] Error 2
    jom: C:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.5\quick\build-touchinteraction-Desktop_Qt_5_5_0_MSVC2013_64bit-Debug\Makefile [debug] Error 2
    01:17:15: The process "C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin\jom.exe" exited with code 2.
    Error while building/deploying project touchinteraction (kit: Desktop Qt 5.5.0 MSVC2013 64bit)
    When executing step "Make"
    01:17:15: Elapsed time: 00:01.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    On Windows, you can't mix compilers especially Visual Studio. The different versions are not compatible one with the other. So since you installed the MSVC2013 build of Qt you need to use Visual Studio 2013. This is not a Qt limitation, it's valid for any C++ project.

  • @SGaist Since my posting, I have upgraded to Windows 10 and uninstalled and re-installed VS2015. I also uninstalled Qt 5.5.0. When I went to re-install Qt, I was not offered any choice for MSVC2015, but reinstalled using the defaults (included MSVC2013, i.e., kits msvc2013 and msvc2013_64 but no option for msvc2015). After installing VS2013 alongside VS2015, the MSVC2013_64 kit worked with no additional configuration.

    How do I get Qt to work with VS2015? Do I need to compile it from source?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Currently, you have to build Qt from source if you want to use it with Visual Studio 2015

  • @SGaist Thanks, that answers my question.

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