Android libc++ runtime

  • Hi All,

    I am using a C++ library which is linked to libc++_shared and using this within Qt, statically linked in, which is built against libgnustl_shared on Android. From what I have read this will likely cause problems and I am in fact seeing issues using my C++ library.

    Has anyone out there managed to do something like this before or am I just trying to force something that will never be stable?

    My only option so far is to create a separate shared object which is still linked to the libc++ runtime and then use that from my application .so within the APK. I suppose I could even create a C interface to the libc++ library but that would be quite a bit of work I would prefer not to start.

    I can't rebuild the libc++ library against gnustl but another option I have tried but failed at would be to compile Qt against libc++ instead of gnustl.

    Thanks, Andy

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