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Problems setting the compiler

  • Hey guys,

    I just resolved my problem with MySQL with your help and now I am stuck with another problem. I tried to build my project and it says that no compiler ist set. When I got to the Settings and look into the Compiler Tab I see my Installed MS Visual C++ Compilers. When I then go into the Kits Tab and go to the Qt 5.5.0 Version I cannot set the compiler. The dropdown list is greyed out (not accessable). What is wrong here ?


  • Is the kit an auto-detected kit? Do you have the correct compiler version installed for the Qt version you installed? You can try cloning the kit and see if you can set the compiler on the clone, but I don't know why the auto-detect didn't set it in the original.

  • Hi Paul. I tried several things but now I just cloned the auto-detected kit and set the correct compiler. I now have to select the correct one and not the auto-detected kit for further projects. Is there any chance I can change the used kit for a present project ?

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    Go to the Projects panel, look at the top left side, you'll see an "Add Kit" combo box

  • You can add another kit to the project with the Add Kit drop down on the Projects page, then delete the old kit by hovering over the kit name in the tab and select the drop down arrow that appears and select Remove Kit. You can also skip the Add Kit step and select Change Kit from that drop down, but the build directory name won't change automatically to reflect the new kit name.

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