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Qt5 and WebKit 3.0 flickering issue

  • I've developed an application to display a hosted webpage using Qt4. When migrating this application to Qt5, I observed flickering issue.

    The performance of the webpage is tested with major browser (i.e. IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera) as well as Qt4 webkit stressed with 1000 elements. There is no flickering issue.

    However, when I migrated to Qt5 webkit, the flickering issue appeared even for just 15 elements. In addition, I also observed that the flickering issue is happening mostly on the images.


    1. The webpage will do regular updates using JavaScript setInterval() with some interval
    2. The webpage is hosted using my http server which is written using Qt4 with SSl supported.
    3. The http server is working correctly as tested with major browser and Qt4 webkit.

    Why could this happening ? Is it a significant different on rednering between Qt4 webkit and Qt5 webkit ?