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Device incompatibility problems on Android Google Play with certain devices

  • I'm facing a device incompatibility problem with Google Play. I test the app on a android device successfully, however, when I submit it to the store, it says the device is incompatible. First I thought it was a AndroidManifest screen compatibility problem but now that I have removed any kind of screen compatibility filtering and the problems remains, I'm running out of ideas.

    Is anyone having the same kind of issue? The most curious thing is that I had already a binary working thru the store on the same device and now I'm not able to reproduce this scenario.

    I'm not sure if this is a packaging problem caused by a specific configuration such as Qt version, NDK version and build SDK. I'm currently using Qt 5.4.2, building against API-22 and targeting for API-14.

    Is someone having the same problem?