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QWebEnginePage unable to connect HTTPS server

  • Hello,

    I'm facing a problem with QWebEnginePage::load(const QUrl &url), somehow this function is unable to load a web page from my http server with SSL.

    The HTTP server is written using Qt4 with openSSL supported and this server is tested across all the major browser (i.e. IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera) as well as Qt4 & Qt5's webkit.

    For the QWebEnginePage, it tested working if I use XAMPP for hosting the content. However, when I try to use my own HTTP server, which mentioning above, it is not working anymore for QWebEnginePage. I'm using Qt5.5 and Windows 8.1 Pro.


    1. QWebEnginePage::certificateError(const QWebEngineCertificateError &certificateError) is not triggered when using my http server but triggered when using XAMPP. The authenticationRequired(const QUrl &, QAuthenticator* ) signal behave the same.
    2. The connection between QWebEnginePage and my http server is confirmed working. However, there is no readyRead() signal being emitted in my http server; whereas, this readyRead() signal is emitted when I was accessing using browser or using my application created with Qt4 or Qt5 webkit.
    3. If I dropping SSL support, there is no issue between QWebEnginePage and my http server. However, I required the SSL support.