QMAKE : How to handle literal $ in file name

  • Hello everyone,
    I have the following lines in a .pro file
    @data.files += $$PWD/../data/tof$dirs.bin
    INSTALLS += data@
    It ignores the $d and try to copy "tofirs.bin" which is not exist.
    @copy /y e:\xxx\data\tofirs.bin e:\xxx-build-desktop\plugin\debug\data
    The system cannot find the file specified@

    I tried putting those into quote,",',{,[,double $, back slash escape.... all to no avail.
    Can any one suggest a solution. It is in windows XP environment.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if you had to do a double backslash escape.
    @data.files += $$PWD/../data/tof\$dirs.bin
    INSTALLS += data@

  • @
    DOLLAR = $
    foo = bar$${DOLLAR}baz

  • Thanks for the quick reply, Unfortunately, both solutions don't work for me.

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