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Mobile scaling issue

  • I have been having trouble getting an app to scale properly on my galaxy s4 active. Recently I tried several example apps and all of them seem to improperly scale as well. Could this be a problem with my device (all other apps work fine) or a problem during compilation that doesn't cause failure?

  • @Tibblist Are you doing this with widgets and C++? usually you will need to use preferred sizepolicy and have a clever design to make it work with the widgets. A standard desktop program would probably not look good on android. My advise try different types of design, get to know how sizepolicy works in qt.

  • This seems to happen with QT apps as well like the calculator app they made which doesn't seem to have any meaningful C++ added as well also I would assume they designed it cleverly. Is there any baseline I could use to test if a normal app designed well works?

  • Qt Champions 2016

    Qt do not handle the scaling on Android platform. You need to scale your content according to the DP value of your device.

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