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Tooltips on Mac are broken since update to Qt 5.5

  • We're developing a cross-platform desktop application.
    Since update to Qt 5.5 tooltips behave totally wrong on OS X.

    It is very easy to reproduce, for example, in toolbar:

    1. Move mouse pointer to the first button - tooltip shown;
    2. Move pointer to the next button - and old tooltip is still on screen, a new one isn't shown.

    Qt Creator is affected by this issue, too.

    With Qt 5.4 everything was fine.

    There's an issue in bug tracker, it was opened yet for Qt 5.0 a few years ago:

    Has anyone an idea on how to fix it? Why the bug have returned?
    Appreciate any help!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like a regression, up voting the bug as well as signaling that it's back is a good start

  • I have the same bug!

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