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Re sizing main window and widgets. [SOLVED]

  • I am trying to make it so a GUI I built in Qt will re size to any users window. I know this is traditionally done using a layout manager, however none of the layout managers suit my needs. Every manager seems to create disproportional widgets. Is there any way to just make of my widgets and certain percent of the screen. I want to maintain the current relative positioning of my widgets and just have them re size as the screen re sizes by the same factor.

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    well people seems to be able to 100% control it
    using layout and QSizePolicy (sizePolicy ) and others settings, but I guess its a trial and error process.
    I have never seen option for settings as %. (only in my wet dreams)

    or you can override
    virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e);

    and size the widgets yourself.

    Or you can write a custom layout.