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Qt for 2D and 3D game development!!

  • Hi Qt programmers,

    I'm in the process of learning multiple API's and libraries from Java and C++. I'm interested in QT, OpenGL, SDL, Javafx, MQL4, Ninjascript, and finally Thinkscript. Obviously, I'm doing this for education purposes, since some of those listed allow you to accomplish the same thing. Recently, I discovered this thing called "game engines" and it really makes a lot of since to use them to save time. I feel that nothing is wrong with using something like V-Play (2D game engine) and Unreal Engine 4(3D game engine) as long as it produces code that you can go into and edit to make it do something that the game engine didn't support. I also feel that it is good to learn how to make a game by hand, even though more than likely, I will not be doing I just want to learn how. With that said, I really don't want to stretch myself too much and know a lot of API's and libraries, but not an expert at none of them. So I'm thinking to not worry about pure OpenGL from outside of Qt since I can pretty much do everything that OpenGL does within Qt and I like to make my custom images from Photoshop, anyway. Qt can pretty much allow me to do everything that SDL can do as well, from my understanding. So I'm thinking that I should work to be an expert at Qt, JavaFX, MQL4, Ninjascript and Thinkscript. By the way, MQL4, Ninjascript, and Thinkscript are a joke as far as simplicity goes compared to the previous 2 listed. JavaFX isn't too bad to learn. I have not forgot about my main Qt works well for 2D and 3D? I'm thinking 2D, but 3D is pushing it. I probably just stick strictly with game engine and not worry about the coding from scratch heartache.


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    You're probably going to be interested by the new Qt3D module (well the Qt3D version 2.0) that is in tech preview with Qt 5.5

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