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QT 4.8.5 Embedded (QWS) mouse cursor painting problem

  • I have an embedded (QWS) application that has 2 displays. 1 is 800x480 pixels (/dev/fb0), and the other is 1920x1080 (/dev/fb2).

    My displays are configured:
    export QWS_DISPLAY="Multi: LinuxFb:/dev/fb0 LinuxFb:/dev/fb2:offset=800,0"

    This configuration creates a no-display 'dead' zone beneath the smaller display to the bottom left of the larger one.

    My problem is when a mouse is connected, if the user moves the mouse into the dead zone bounded by coordinates (0,480), (800,480), (0,1080), (800,1080) (the area below my smaller screen) the mouse ceases to repaint.

    After moving into the dead zone, when the mouse moves back onto either visible screen, the mouse cursor no longer paints reliably. It does repaint over widgets when I force them to repaint, but moving the mouse does not force a repaint. The mouse continues to work, but the pointer doesn't seem to 'dirty' the underlying UI controls.

    Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong? Everything works great until the mouse pointer goes into the no-screen region.

    FYI, this application runs on QT4.8.5, Yocto Dora Linux on a Freescale IMX6Q.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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