unable to focus either on pushBUtton or tableview in same .ui file

  • Hi...In my code i have diff dialogs, while moving from one dialog to another using remote for RDK set top box am facing issue,code is
    (in dialog1)
    void dialog1::iRkeypressevent(int key)
    if(key==some key integer)
    dialog2=new dialog();//calls constructor
    (in dilaog2)
    in constructor i put


    void dialog2::iRkeypressevent(int key)
    if(key==some int key)
    QModelIndex index = ui->tableView->model()->index(int,int);
    when entering from dailog1 to dialog2, screen is getting stuck and no operation is appearing on screen i donno is it timer issue or thread issue.

    in dialog2.ui i have pushbuttons as well as table view so using above code i can able to focus on either one of them only for remote key mapping. but based on condition i need to focus on different widgets like table view or pushbuttons. focus is happenig but using stylesheet hover i can able to identify which item is selected, that hover is not updating for remote key mapping.


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