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LGPL Open Source Game Launcher

  • So I am wanting to use Qt to write a launcher for my game that simply launches my game when you hit a button, allows people to set graphical and other options that are written out to a config file, and an rss reader that displays announcements from our steam page in the launcher.
    Qt seems to have everything I need, and it seems very easy, but I am uneasy about fulfilling the terms of the LGPL. If I choose to statically link the library, and simply release the source of my launcher as LGPL, is that okay? My launcher basically will include some interfaces from the publicly available CRYENGINE FreeSDK code, and launch a custom, closed-source DLL using the CryEngine. My launcher however only dynamically links with my closed source game code, and could be used to launch any DLL compiled with freely available code from Crytek.

    To Fulfill source distribution requirements, would a licenses.txt file pointing to a github repo of my source code work? Thanks.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For licensing related question, you should contact the Qt Company directly.

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