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[SOLVED] Which architecture has the highest range of devices?

  • When developing with Qt for Android its possible to choose what architecture to build the app (armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86 and x86_64).

    Which architecture has the highest range of devices?

    There is a way to develop the app to reach all architecture devices?

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    ARMv7 is - by very, very far - the most popular one.

    You can build a separate APK for each architecture and deploy them all. Please see this.

  • @sierdzio Thank you for the reply.

    Very nice link. In this link, at the end, has something about changing the file to support multiple devices in the same APK. Do you know the path of this file?

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    Hi, is probably relevant for native Android developers, not Qt devs. I can't check exactly because I'm not at my main PC right now.

    I did a quick research and don't have any exact results.

    Bogdan, the creator of Android port of Qt, says it is possible to build a Qt project for all architectures separately, then take the resulting .so libraries with your code and push them into a single APK (Android OS will then pick the right .so for the device automatically). However, I have not found any instructions on how to actually do it. You will have to try yourself.

    What the Qt documentation recommends, though, is to build completely separate APKs, and distribute those. Link.

    Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks.

  • @sierdzio Ok. Thank you a lot.

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