Determine which modules were loaded in the .pro file, using preprocessor #ifdef

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to determine which QT modules are loaded in the .pro file, e.g.:
    QT += svg printsupport
    and either include or exclude own code sections with preprocessor macros, depending on that.
    Do they define some convenient flags that could be tested with #ifdef? I only know of QT_NO_PRINTER, which roughly corresponds to what I'm looking for, for the printsupport module. But is there a general way that works also for other modules, e.g. svg?

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    QT_NO_PRINTER is (or not) defined when compiling Qt, not when loading or not a module.
    One thing you could is the qtHaveModule() function in your pro file and create the defines you need there.

    Hope it helps


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