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Install qtserialport to arm environment

  • Hi All,

    I tried to install qt5.4.2 to a pandaboard debian environment. I can configure and compile it successfully.
    But I need to use qtserialport. After make install I cannot find this library on the target.
    I checked .configure script and I cannot find any option to enable qtserialport. AFAIK qtserialport is part of qt since qt5, and there is a qtserialport directory in the source tree.

    How can I enable to compiling qtserialport?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    If it has not be been built with the rest you can use the classic qmake+make+make install to build it directly

  • @SGaist


    Thx a lot, I was stupid, because I use .configure at the qtbase directory instead of source root directory:)


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    Depending on what you need on your target it will take less time to build if you only take the modules you need.

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