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how to develop and distribute ios app for a customer ?

  • Hello everybody,

    I would like to develop an ios app for my customer who will sell this app to his own customers.
    My customer wants the app to be an in-app purchase one with a non renewing subscription.

    So far that seems easy as long as you develop with your own license, apple id, certificate and provisioning profile and sell it under your own name.

    The problem is that my customer does not have any of these and I cannot use mine because the app should be visible as "my cusomer's" app and being sold by him under his name.

    Unfortunately I didn't find a solutions anywhere, but I'm sure that this kind of situation must have been faced by many others.

    Many thanks in advance for your advice!
    best regards

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    Your customer needs to set up the Apple ID and all. Or you can set it up for him, in his name, and them give them all the details.

  • Hi sierdzio,

    thanks for your reply!
    If I create all id's and certificates, how would my customer be able to associate these credentials to him for registering the product and for the billing?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that my company credentials were associated with my company and I thought that it would be impossible to register the app for another company?

    best regards

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    Haven't done that myself, but a company I work for has released apps for our customers numerous times, also for iOS, and there were no problems there. A account was being made for the customer, with their name, address and everything, and then the app deployment was done using that account. Sorry I can't be more specific, but as said - I don't have direct experience in this matter.

  • Ok no problem, thank you very much!
    have a nice day!

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