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Setting-up Qt Connectivity Module on Windows

  • Dear Community,

    I've installed the latest Qt SQK including most of the modules on Windows 7

    I'm trying to make use of the connectivity module and after being through the documentation, I'm basically more lost than at the beginning.

    There are no clear direction of what to do to get that module running. I'm not sure whether it was already compiled by the installer or if I have to do it manually, in the last case how to do it.

    I've try to do some "configure" but just getting a bunch of error.

    The doc https://doc.qt.io/archives/qtextended4.4/qtconnectivitymodule.html definitely doesn't help.

    I got the D:\Qtn2\5.4\Src\qtconnectivity\ folder so I guess it's a good start.

    What I am supposed to do next ?

    My goal is to use the VPN functionnality of OpenVPN which is said to be supported there: https://doc.qt.io/archives/qtextended4.4/qtconnectivitymodule.html


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The QtExtended module is 6 years old and IIRC it was Qtopia before that, this module has been discontinued and some of it's element integrated in Qt. However I don't think the VPN code was part of that integration.

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