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MouseArea on GridView delegate - onExit doesn't fire if GridView dragged and released outside

  • I have a GridView, and its delegate is covered by a MouseArea. I have attached events to the MouseArea's onExit signal. The problem is that when I click on a delegate and drag (to scroll the GridView), and release the mouse button after dragging outside the GridView component, I have exited the MouseArea, but onExit has never fired. I could attach an event to the GridView's onMovementEnded signal, but to do anything useful there I'd need to find out if the cursor is on one of the delegates or not - is that even possible? Why is onExit not fired if I move the cursor outside of the GridView that contains all the MouseAreas?

  • This problem occurs in qt 5.4 under linux. I just checked, and it doesn't occur under 5.3 - there, onExit is correctly triggered even on drag-release outside the GridView.