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Using BOA/CGI to pass parameter to Apps via QSetting?

  • Hi there,

    Not sure this is the right place for my quest, so please redirect me if you know which forum I should go to:

    I currently have a small development platform (mini2440) with linux and Qt on it.
    I am now able to do some basic Qt programmation and so wrote a little program with UI interface to blink LEDs.

    Now I would like to also control the LEDs/GPIO via the web. For this I have BOA already installed on the platform and learned that some CGI scripts could easily be run via a web page to open/write date to a file.

    My program use QSetting to save GPIO state in case of reboot. As you know, this save the data in a file.
    I am thinking of using some handshaking function between the CGI script and Qt to modify the file QSetting uses to
    restore data so it could be changed via internet.

    Not sure this is the right solution to my problem, although it seems feasible...

    So here is the questions:
    1.What is the Correct way to do this: An external edit of the file QSetting is using to restore data(Seems fishy but doable).
    2.What is the easiest solution for a beginner (it took me about 3 week to install linux/Qt on my device so I am a bit reluctant to start over and re-re-re-re-compile to add something else that BOA server...)

    In Advance Thanks!! Sebastien.

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