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Community license: "Mobile App distribution prohibited by Apple iOS App Store"

  • On in the "Community / No license fee" at line "Mobile App distribution through public app stores" we can read "Prohibited by Apple iOS App Store terms and conditions".

    I may be wrong but I think this restriction wasn't here with Qt 5.3 and I think it appeared during March 2015. I can't find more details about this "Prohibited by Apple iOS App Store terms and conditions":

    • Does it apply also to application which are free on the AppStore ?
    • Does it concern Qt 5.4 and higher versions only ?

    My main concern is that I published a Qt application on the AppStore last year. The application is free and has been released under a "no license fee" Qt 5.3.1 version. So:

    • Is this Qt 5.3 version of my application out of law now ?
    • Will I have to pay a Qt license to release a new version of this application under Qt 5.4 ?

  • The problem is at Apples end. Apple doesn't allow applications released under the GPL
    license to be distributed trough AppStore, as the license isn't compatible with the AppStore's
    Terms of Service.

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