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[SOLVED] Deployment DLL error: Couldn't find entry point in DLL "myProject.exe"

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to deploy my finished program. I have copied all the requiered dll that the exe needs to run (I used a dependecy walker for this). When I start the exe I get a strange error message:

    The procedure entry point "Z21qRegisterResourceDataiPKhS0_S0" could't be found in DLL "myProject.exe"
    (Hope I translated the german error message correct)

    When I build and run it with the QtCreator it works fine.
    In one class I load a dll file with QLibrary, could there be any problems with that?
    I couldn't find any solutions to this problem and I have no idea what to do with this error message.
    Thanks for any help or ideas that you can offer.

  • Hi, "Z21qRegisterResourceDataiPKhS0_S0" is a function inside Qt5Core.dll (which your program wants), I think you copied Qt5Core.dll but maybe you copied the wrong one.

    Because your installation of Qt I think you have 2 different Qt5Core.dll, one with and without that entry point. The bad one is located in C:\Qt\Tools\QtCreator\bin and the good one is located in C:\Qt\5.4\mingw491_32\bin.

    So when you want to deploy your app, copy all the DLLs from the mingw491_32 directory.

  • yes that was the problem thanks ^^

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