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QNSView mouseDragged QWarning

  • I recently ported a Qt4 application to Qt5.4.1 (also tested Qt5.5.0 beta). I've experienced a handful of odd behavior since then. One of the problems that occurs on Macosx 10.8.5 is that I get a bunch of QWarnings if I left-click mouse drag before a QMenu drop down has had time to disappear. That is,

    1). Click a QMenu (menu drops down)
    2). Before QMenu disappears, left-click-drag on some other GUI element
    3). See a bunch of QWarnings (see following) until the left-mouse button is released:

    QNSView mouseDragged: Internal mouse button tracking invalid (missing Qt::LeftButton).

    Other than the warnings, I have not noticed any negative effects.

    I saw that a very similar bug was logged: QTBUG link, but it occurs under different circumstances.

    Is this likely the same bug, or is there something I should correct on my end? Any advice is appreciated.

    I'd be glad to answer any more information if it will help to diagnose the problem. Thanks for your help!

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    You can add your findings to the report, it might help narrow down the problem even further. From the looks of it, you are indeed hitting the same bug

  • Hi SGaist,

    Thanks for the tip. I made a comment on the linked bug. Hopefully, that helps someone!