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How to create a list of items (text that can be clicked) that is sourced from a text file when the app starts?

  • I want to create a list of items that is different each time the app starts. This is an Example Example of what the application will look like with the text blurred out for security reasons. I guess I just want someone to point me int he right direction as to what libraries to use and roughly how I would go about doing this? I know C++ pretty well but not Qt.

    notes: the "sourced from a text file" isn't really important; I really just want to figure out how to get a list of items to be dynamically populated on start up?

    [edit, koahnig] Edited link to show picture in post.

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    Do you mean something like the Fridge Magnets example ?

  • @SGaist Possibly, Thank you very much for giving me a starting point, or probably an answer!

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