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QFIleSystemWatcher: FindNextChangeNotification failed!! (The specified network name is no longer available.)

  • G'day everyone,

    I'm struggling to resolve an ongoing exception issue in my program. I have multiple embedded systems deployed, running Qt-based Python (PySide) GUI software packages under Windows 7. I have systems which use both ethernet cabling as well as Wi-Fi for network connectivity. The issue I'm having regarding QFileSystemWatcher only occurs on Wi-Fi systems.

    I can't find any Qt-specific information regarding this particular error. Going by the error description alone, I'm assuming the network momentarily disconnects? As such, my current attempt at controlling this error revolves around hooking the error, waiting until a networked folder is available, before restarting the software. I implemented this process yesterday, and ran the software overnight. Unfortunately the software was still killed by this error.

    Can anyone provide a little more context around what this error actually means? I'm sure I'd be able to handle the exception if I had a better understanding as to why it occurs.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Looks like a low level problem, you should rather bring this question to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

  • Thanks for that mate, much appreciated.

    I'll post this on the mailing list :)

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