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Getting Connman DBus messages

  • Hi,

    How can I access connman messages using Qt Dbus? Does anybody have an example or tutorial? I want to receive a signal in the moment that a network cable unplug, for example.

    Any tip will be very helpful.

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    Something like described in this email ?

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    @marcosbontempo Install the qdbusviewer tool on your embedded system. Run it. It will display a list of system and session bus running on that system. Search for Connman and check the interfaces provided by it. I think there should be a signal for network state change. Connect to it and check. You can first try it from qdbusviewer itself. Later you can get the exact service, path and interface from that list for your own use. The tool is under <QtDir>/gcc_64/bin directory of your Qt installed system.

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