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  • I am a long time Qt Creator user, and recently i needed some features.

    1. Qt Creator supports opening multiple projects but does it support a project type that holds multiple projects?(Like solution in VS)

    2. Is there a checkbox or configuration at somewhere that disables a project(Meaning it will never build unless that config changed back to normal)

    3. Is there an easy way to easily reuse project build configurations, like carrying the build configs to other projects with one click or so?

    4. Is there a Qt Creator provided project files(.pro and .pro.user) generator program or plugin?

    5. Can i add project build configurations to qmake file?

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    1. If you are thinking about something like the subdirs template for qmake, then yes
    2. I saw something like that but for a cmake project
    3. What build configuration do you have in mind ?
    4. The one used when you create a new project ?
    5. What do you mean by build configurations ?

  • @SGaist I should have been more explanatory.

    1. Not just subdirs, subprojects. For better hierarchical project management.
    2. Going to research about that
    3. Like the debug and release build configurations. But i have 5 configs all needs to be configured every time(build, clean, run) which means editing 45 lines(command, arguments, working dir) each time
    4. Maybe easily generate the project files by a generator so i dont have to deal with the third question(build, clean, and run configs are stored in pro.user file)
    5. These build, clean, and run configs stored inside .pro.user file. Can i add them to qmake which if possible will make my 3th and 4th questions unneeded.

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    1. Technically the subdirs template can be considered like sub-projects. All subdirs can contain an independent project.
    2. Something like this ?
    3. I am not aware of such a generator, but it might be an interesting plugin for Qt Creator.
    4. If what I describe in point 3 fits your needs, then it would already be in your pro file.

  • @SGaist I couldn't get exactly what i wanted, but subdirs are enough for my needs i think. For the link you gave, yeah it does the trick. But i cant say it is enough.

    I will try to write such a plugin if i can. Lets see what happens

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